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Welcome to Austin County Buy and Sell!

The areas #1 site to BUY, SELL or TRADE!  We’re excited that you stopped by and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you!  We’re striving to cover every aspect of commerce for our area, which is why we’ve added our Business Directory as well as a Jobs Board to our site!   We’ve got many more exciting things planned for our site to make it more informational and more functional, so stay tuned!

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If you look at our logo, we have Austin County highlighted in the center (because we’re based in Austin County) BUT, you’ll also see the surrounding counties pictured on there as well.  That’s because the whole area is our focus!  So many people think of doing their shopping in Houston right away but, there are a lot of great businesses, craftsman and service providers right here in our great area!  That’s why we state, “Seven Counties – One Website” because this seven county area makes up a great community with a LOT to offer each other!  So, don’t let our name fool ya!

Buy & Sell

Our Buy & Sell section is where people can put all their goods and services online for others in the area to see!  We allow you 4 pictures per ad and ALL ADS ARE FREE!!!!  If you’ve ever used Craigslist then there’s not much more you need to know.  If you’re new to online buying/selling, we recommend that you read our pages:

Buy And Sell 101:  How To Sell Successfully

Buy And Sell 101:  How to Buy Successfully

OR watch some tutorial videos on our page

Selling Online Video Tutorials

Listings will stay up for 60 days after which the system will automatically remove them and send you an email letting you know that it has been removed.  You then have the option of re-listing it or not.  If you’d like a video demonstration of how to place an ad on the buy & sell section, you can go to our video tutorial page and watch the “Posting An Ad” video for a step-by-step visual demonstration on how to list an item or service.

The Business Directory

Our Business Directory is like a “yellow pages” for the 7 county area.  The Business Directory also has the ability to separate businesses out via county or even city making it that much easier for you to locate the right business for your needs.  If you would like to learn how to utilize our Business Directory and learn all of the helpful features it has, you can go to our instructional page How To Use The Business Directory or you can watch a video tutorial HERE.

If you’ve got a business in the area then you need to get it listed on our website!  With the World Wide Web being so easily accessible on people’s cell phones, you can’t afford not to have some form of web presence and have it easily accessible!  Even if your business already has a website, having your business listed makes finding that website that much easier for your potential customers in the area!  Our Business Directory is not only for businesses but local organizations that are of interest to others in our community as well!  (athletic clubs, youth groups and so on)  So, be sure to submit them to us so we can let the area know about them!  Want to know more about listing with us?  Simply go to our Advertising tab to find out more. 

Our Events Calendar

Our Events Calendar has moved to our sister site Austin County News Online.com.  Please visit us at that site to learn about what is coming up in the Austin County area.

The Jobs Board

Are you someone looking for a job?  Are you an employer looking for employees?  Then our Jobs Board is the place to look for jobs in the 7 county area or to place jobs if you’re an employer in the 7 county area.  For more information on the Jobs Board, please click HERE.

Site FAQ

Have questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if we’ve covered it there.

Video Tutorial(s)

Our Video Tutorial page is for those who would like visual explanations of how to utilize our site from setting up an email account to actually posting an ad on the site.   Sometimes, you just need to see something done step-by-step for it to make sense and that’s what we’ve tried to do for you with our video tutorials!

The Change Language Bar

If you look to the right of the page, you will see the “Change Language” bar that we have newly added to Austin County Buy And Sell.  If you know someone who needs the site to be viewed in Spanish simply click the dropdown box and select spanish and the entire site will be translated into Spanish.  You can also put it back into English in the same way.  If you would like to learn all the features of the Change Language Bar, simply click HERE


While we don’t mind assisting our users, please take the time to register for the site. It is advantageous to register because the site’ system will immediately email you when someone clicks on your contact information.  You’ll get real time feedback!  However, if an administrator puts in your ad, then the system contacts the administrator who must then contact you.  This slows down the transaction process and we want your transaction to take minutes and not hours or days.  If you’d like a video demonstration of how to register, you can go to our video tutorial page and watch the “How To Register” video for a step-by-step visual demonstration on how to get registered on the site.


As more people utilize our site, it will be continually necessary to add new categories to customize the site to the wants and needs of our users.  If you have a suggestion for a new category or have an item that needs a new category please email us RIGHT AWAY!  Email:  austincountybuyandsell@gmail.com

Just An FYI

Austin County Buy and Sell uses a software program that does not allow us to see communication between users. The program simply forwards messages between users. We are only the “meeting ground” for buyers and sellers.  All messages or transactions are between buyer and seller and while we encourage everyone to follow “The Golden Rule” we have no control over an individuals conduct.  Sometimes people who forget “The Golden Rule” will use the site. We apologize in advance for any unpleasant experience you may have while utilizing our site.

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A good website is NEVER truly finished so please feel free to email us about any problems you experience or suggestions you might have so we can make this site the best it can be!  If you have additional questions or comments, please email us at:  austincountybuyandsell@gmail.com

Welcome to our Web site!

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